People camp to unwind, commune with nature, and save money. They also appreciate the opportunity to spend quality time with each other far from the noise and congestion of cities and towns. The traditional way of camping is with tents assembled on the ground, but more and more campers are switching to roof top tents.


Finding the ideal spot and putting up a tent takes some time. Depending on the distance traveled and the weather conditions, it may be hours before the canvas is ready for occupation. People get tired, the day is wasted, and crankiness abounds.

Tents on the roof of the vehicle eliminate the need and time required to find a flat and dry space. A parked car is now the perfect spot to set up the sleeping area. In a fraction of the time it takes to assemble a tent on the ground, the family can be asleep.


Sleeping in a tent on the ground places family members directly in the path of hungry wildlife. Chipmunks and squirrels are annoying, while animals like bears are dangerous. A fire will keep wildlife at bay but presents a different threat to safety.

The roof provides a higher level of security to a family and their food due to its height. Animals are more apt to forage food from sources close to the ground. The presence of a vehicle is less likely to attract attention and create curiosity.


The soil, moisture, and debris on the ground wear the bottom and lower sides of a ground tent. Mold and mildew will grow in damp weather, and a wet tent floor will make the space cold and uncomfortable. Shelters need to be replaced every few years depending on the usage.

Tents not exposed to the hard ground are durable, and premature replacement is not a concern. Campers who follow instructions for care will enjoy the use of roof tents for years. Protecting the investment in camping equipment is a significant reason for switching to roof top tents for vacations.

Tents designed for the roof do not require a trailer to haul, are safer than traditional tents, and offer flexibility regarding destinations. These are just a few reasons many campers consider switching.