Four Beauty Tips for Hand Tied Hair Extension
Most women prefer hand-tied hair extension. This is for the reason that it makes them achieve their desired look. You should ensure that your hand-tied hair extension is well maintained. Proper maintenance will maintain its beauty, and it will give you a beautiful look. Some few measures can help maintain its look. If you want to look gorgeous in your hand-tied extension, you should consider some important tips. This will offer you numerous benefits. Below are some crucial tips that will make your hand-tied hair extension remaining attractive.
You should consider using a sulfate-free shampoo. A hand-tied hair extension should be cleaned more often. You should make sure that you use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner when cleaning it. Sulfate-free shampoo doesn’t strip the hairs natural moisture and oil. You are assured that you will have clean hair that has a natural moisture. Its important to know that you cannot use all types of shampoos. You should consider using the right products if you want your hand-tied extension to serve you longer.
Anotehr tip that will keep your hand-tied hair extension looking gorgeous is the use of a hair mask. This is due to the fact that it helps lock moisture. You should consider using a hair mask once in a while. Use of a hair mask will make your hair not to break. This is because a hair mask plays a role in helping reduce breakage. A mask will keep your hair looking shiny. A shiny hair makes people look attractive. People can notice its beauty from a distance. If you want to maintain the beauty of your hand-tied extension, you should not forget to use a hair mask.
The use of hair oils to add shine is another important tip to keeping your hand-tied extension looking gorgeous. Hand-tied extension is not natural, and this is what makes it not to have its own oil. Natural hair gets its oil from the scalp. The extension will get some slight tangling if you fail to use some oil. You should consider carrying some hair oil to prevent the hand-tied hair extension from drying. Oil is applied on the dry part to loosen the tangles and make it easier to brush. You are advised to ensure that the extension doesn’t remain dry.
Its advisable to use a wet brush when brushing the extension. You should do this in a downward direction. Your hair should be brushed before and after wash. You should consider using a mild shampoo and hair conditioner when washing your hair. You should apply gently and wait until it dries. It’s not advisable to sleep with a wet hair extension. You should also avoid using heating tools since they damage the extension. As I conclude, brushing your hair more often will prevent it from tangling.

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