Understanding Osseous Genioplasty

Genioplasty is found to be an alternative for chin implants. By using the patient’s own bone, the surgeon can then change the shape, height, projection and the proportion of the chin of the individual. This will then offer more versatility compared to implant chin augmentation, which could only give the chin a lot more projection and change the shape. The results that osseous genioplasty gives is dramatic, which will in fact make the face as well as other features a lot more proportional. The thing about genioplasty is the fact that this could move the patient’s chin forward or backward, up or down and make this wider, more square or narrow or more rounded. The sliding genioplasty or osseous genioplasty actually could change the facial shape, which then will give them more with striking V line shape than the rounded lower facial shape. This likewise comes with an added effect on tightening the neckline and the jawline, which will make the patient look younger through reducing signs of aging like double chins and jowls.

When you consider osseous genioplasty, there are benefits that you can actually acquire. In an osseous genioplasty or a sliding genioplasty, the chin bone of a patient is cut and this will be slid either up or down or perhaps forward to position the chin in an ideal position, which actually is determined through the pre-operative x-ray and in precise measurement. The fact is, there’s still a bone to bone contact with the new chin position and the position is going to be secured with a small titanium plate. With just several weeks, the cut in the chin bone actually will heal and the chin then becomes a bone which is going to be complete again and have a new proportionate shape and position in the process. This actually brings all the muscle fat and skin which later on will tighten the soft tissues where if it is loose would, later on, show signs of aging.

When a patient will age, the fatty tissues, skin and muscle bands of a neck will start to loosen its former elasticity. It would actually then cause the tissue of the patient to sag as well as loosen the definition of the neck and the chin as well.

The silastic chin implants or known in other terms as silicone may shift position and may sometimes cause underlying bones on changing shape. In genioplasty, such thing won’t happen because the bones are going to heal as a solid single bone. The plastic surgeon who specializes in facial bone surgery is in fact familiar with the advantages and the disadvantages that come with the available chin procedures.

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